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Welcome To EOK MUN

lette from secrtary genral

Letter from Secretary General and Deputy-Secretary general

Esteemed participants,


 We are more than delighted to welcome you all to the first edition of EMINE ORNEK Model United Nations. This is the first of many steps to achieving our dream of hosting a mun. We can’t wait to greet all of you, our special guests, and we hope to share our excitement with you! 


 Even though we are both eleventh grade students, we worked as hard as we could to make this the best conference possible. As secretary general, Alara Bizcanlı and as deputy-secretary general Nisa Annie Yıldırm we both started our mun journey in the seventh grade. We have been passionate about it ever since. Looking back on our story and seeing our progress, we are very proud to see how far we have come.


 We hope to be able to provide you a judgement free zone to express your countries’ ideologies while discussing the agenda items that we have carefully selected for you. Our aim is for you to have the most fun and enjoy trying to solve these problems.


 Our hope is to see you on February 16th, prepared well, as excited as us! We have worked really hard and tried our best to present you the best conference experience that you’ll ever have. It is very important for us to see you having a good time while disscussing the worldwide problems. Don’t forget to save the date and set your calendars to 16-19th February! We hope to see you soon!


Yours sincerely,

Secretary General Alara BİZCANLI and Deputy Secretary General Nisa Annie YILDIRIM


Letter from Director general and Deputy-Director general

Most Esteemed Participants

As the Director-General and the Deputy Director-General of EOKMUN’23, on behalf of the organization team, we are impassioned to welcome you to our first edition of EOKMUN. With the hard work and dedication of our organization Team, we are more than excited to give our participants unforgettable experiences and new perspectives. Ever since deciding to plan a MUN conference we put our best efforts into welcoming you. We have planned social activities and more for entertaining you from the beginning of the EOKMUN’23 until the last day. We hope that you will enjoy our fun activities. We want to thank our organization team who work from first day till the last day to make a perfect memorable conference for you.We embrace you with love and respect. Our entire team is doing their job with faith and enthusiasm, we inwardly invite you to our organization and we would like to inform you that we will be very charmed to see you at our conference. We are looking forward to meeting you at EOKMUN’23.


Yours sincerely,

Duru KARALAR and Dilara KOLAY

Director General and Deputy Director General

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