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Terms of Conditions

I understand that all applications will be subjected to evaluation by the EOKMUN Secretariat and therefore applying does not entail acceptance. 
  I am aware of the fact that I am required to submit the participation fee within one week following the acceptance of my application and otherwise the Secretariat has the right to drop my application and also no refund will be made after completing the payment, unless there is a mistake caused by the Organization Team itself.
  I declare that all information I have given in this application is accurate and I will be held responsible for any problems caused by the inaccuracy of the provided information. 
  I allow my photos to be taken during and in between sessions by the press members or by authorized students, teachers, staff who contributed  and played role in the conference. 
I allow my photos to be shared in any and all social media account reletad with EOKMUN and under the name of Emine Örnek.
I am aware of the fact that I will not be able to get any award in case of 2 sessions of apsency.
I am aware of the fact that Secretariat has the right to usurp my certificate in following conditions;
If I do not participate three or more sessions during the conference,
If I behave in a way that will disturb the session and peace of the committee,
If I behave in a way that will violate or break the MUN procedures or rules,
If I use verbal, physical violence or any kind of bullying against the participants, delegates, conference officials, advisors, teachers, students etc.
If I leak inter-cabinet information out of my duty and put the committee under suspicion,
If I get two academic warnings from EOKMUN officials.
I am aware that there is a dress code for  the conference that ı must  follow and  ı am also aware that if I do not comply with the dress code, ı may and will recieve an academic warning.
I am aware that delegates should be dressed in business-style attire and they will not be allowed to take the floor in military costume, national dress, school uniforms or any kind of inappropriate outfits. Also leather or denim trousers, leggings, baggy jumpers and tracksuits are not permitted during the conference.

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